About Us

Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

Ours begins immediately after the war, precisely in 1953, in Casamarciano, a small village in the province of Naples. And it is precisely here, in a climate of moderate enthusiasm but in a virtually non-existent market that, from the tenacity and ingenuity of Tortora Nicola, a young man who has made work his virtue, the first confetti workshop was born.
The ancient artisan manufacturing process, based on the purity of the sugary mantle that covers the heart of the candy (Avola almond, hazelnut, cinnamon, chocolate) has been rigorously preserved over the years, as has the exclusivity of the production and the secrecy of processes such as the silvering and gilding of the candy.
Soon, however, the entry into business of the second generation alongside the first, marks a fundamental stage in the history of the company: the sole proprietorship reaches industrial levels, with a consequent modernization of production technologies first, and that of the plants then, as well as an expansion of the range of products in order to satisfy all the needs of an increasingly expert and attentive clientele.
The direct result of this work has led, which has now become "Industry" Tortora, to represent the highest level of quality in the production of sugared almonds in general, filled with liqueur or pralines. And the opening to new market areas has led to demand from different parts of the world, from Europe to the United Arab Emirates, up to America.


Then, as history teaches, this family collaboration, at the very peak of success, is loosened, leading to take different paths.
We come to today, to what is defined as a real new page of history.
Diamanti di Zucchero wants to represent the new face of the business. We are facing the entrance of the third generation, and it is precisely from the idea of Tortora Nicola Junior, who has always been immersed in the heart of production, that this new project is born.
The idea is to retrace the footsteps of the founder, the grandfather, and subsequently of the father, preserving the prestige of the craftsmanship transmitted to him by combining it with the industrial and technological evolution of today, thus offering different lines of products, from the classic sugared almond to pastry sector.
The spirit remains, therefore, to spread the pleasure of a quality product MADE IN ITALY and refined taste that accompanies and underlines the unique moments of life.